🤔Too late for the British Invasion and Woodstock, we settled for Sesame Street and the Land of the Lost.  Many of our dads were returning from Vietnam. Some never made it home.

We watched Evel Kneivel rocket over the Snake River; Arthur Fonzerelli crash into a chicken stand; and Ali rope a dope. Barbie and Easy Bake Ovens were for girls. G.I. Joe, Stretch Armstrong and the Six-Million Dollar Man were for  boys.

We played with Slinkys and Viewfinders, and board games like Mousetrap, Chutes and Ladders and Operation. Sometimes we’d swing, ride bikes and climb trees. We’d soil our days with grass stain, dirty sweat beads and Kool-Aid mustaches.

We weren’t the greatest generation, beatniks or hippies. We wore cut-off blue jeans, tennis wristbands, and tube socks. Long hair, rock shows on the cheap and cool cars were still around.

So flip on your AM radio, adjust those rabbit ears or spin the UHF dial until she breaks. Maybe grab a friend and do the bump.

Our time machine awaits. Let’s get started. Can you dig it?

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