I remember when televisions were more than electronic devices. They were too heavy and cumbersome to hang on the wall like today’s plasma screens. School pictures, ashtrays and candy dishes adorned the top of our den’s centerpiece. Sometimes it would take a while to warm up. Conversely, I always enjoyed watching whatever show we turned off morph into a small white dot.

Whenever we fell asleep during the late, late show, the National Anthem or color grid might wake and remind us to go to bed. It’s hard to believe there were only three or four channels to choose. My brother and I loved spinning the UHF dial, that is until it broke and we were reduduced to turning it with a pair of pliers.

We had an antennae on the top of our house, but a few of my friends parents used rabbit ears. Sometimes folks would wrap tinfoil around them. I’m not a scientist, but guess it must have worked on making for better reception. Remote controls were still pretty neat.

Our family watched shows together, as a unit. I recall my mother always had dibs on the TV Guide crossword puzzle. Dad sat in his chair peeling an apple or peach. Sometimes he’d crack open pecans we had gathered in my grandparents yard.

Us kids would usually lay on their stomachs, feet dangling in the air. Mom would caution us not to sit too close. She also had a bad habit of vacuuming during the best part of a program.

I got a small black and white set when I was a teenager. It sat on my dresser up until I took it to college. I’d like to still have that dinosaur. I guess it help pave the way for something newer.

I miss the big console television set almost as much as I miss the seventies.





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