I’m pretty sure this is the kind of phone mom and dad got for me in the early eighties. I was finally a teenager and needed my privacy😜 I remember digging the fact that it was mostly black and a great addition to my room.

It still had the kind of cord that’d get tangled up after a dozen or so calls. The thing to do was hold it at the opposite end and let the receiver spin until the cord was manageable again. Even then it reminded me of an amplifier cord, the same coil design and color.

Of course, I had heard about another kid in school who had their own line. That was pretty cool, but I was thankful enough not to ask for the moon. Besides, my folks were already forking out another payment to the phone company. You see, back then you kind of rented telephones per month. What a racket! That seems strange today in a world where everyone, kids and grown-ups alike, have their own personalized devices.

Maybe that’s why a landline still appeals to me. Even ones with tangled up cords.

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