I always enjoyed art class. Finger painting wasn’t exactly my forte and still lifes were kind of boring. But man, did I like sculpting with clay! Especially when they fired up the kiln. I was always paranoid of leaving a bubble, the ones our instructors warned against. But making a fully functional creation was right up my alley. More specifically, ashtrays.

Ashtrays were as commonplace in the seventies as bottled water is today. If your folks didn’t smoke, your grandparents might. Maybe a friend, neighbor  or co-worker did. So the thoughtful thing to do, was have an ashtray at the ready.

Of course, times and traditions change, and the ash tray art project went the way of the chalkboard and overhead projector. Regardless of health precautions, I’d give a million bucks if one of my kids made me and ashtray.

And I don’t even smoke.





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